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Commodities are tradable items that can bought and sold at Commodities Traders located in Space Stations. It is not advisable to purchase large amounts of commodities, as they ussually come at significant mark-ups and only sell at their listed average price.

There are several ways of obtaining commodities:

  1. Through trade with Commodities Traders.
  2. Mining Resources.
  3. Scanning and salvaging derelicts.
  4. Breaking open containers and transporting back the dropped cargo.
  5. and robbing other ships.
Their are numerous commodities to be found throughout the game, ranging from Prefab Shelters to Nitrogen. Each commodity has a unique description, along with a mass and average price. Commodities vendors can only sell the commodities they have in stock; the only limit to buying and selling commodities is the amount of money you have or the cargo capacity of your spacecraft.
Commodity Info

'Commodity Info' for Silver

Selling commodities, particularly harvestible commodities from Asteroids, can arguably be the most efficient way of early game advancement.

However, the fastest way of earning credits for a capable vessel and commander later in game, is without a doubt duelling at one of the four Gladiatrix's.