The Colosseum of a new era! Choose your opponents, bet, and get ready to kill'em all!

--------------------------------------------------------Easy way to become a millionaire!----------------------------------------------------


How it works:

You can choose to fight any and all of the ships at any Gladiatrix, there is no limit to how many matches you may win, but your enemies do not respawn after you have engaged them in battle. If you are trying to level up for the next mission, this is an easy and reliable place to do it and make some money. Risking only 5000 credits can yield up to 400,000 in payment. You may board ships, but all enemy vessels must be destroyed in order to be declared a winner. All normal battle rules apply, including maneuvers, special abilities, boarding, grappling, and repairs; use them together strategically for greatest results!


  1. Prepare your ship for a beating, make repairs ahead of time, and have a battle strategy in mind.
  2. Strength of chosen enemies is directly coorelated to the multiple of money you are awarded, so fight the highest strength you are capable of fighting.
  3. The risk to reward ratio is next-to-none, so always bet the highest amount of 5000!
  4. It's a good idea to exit the gladiatrix and save between matches as well as maxing your hp.
  5. When you are heavily outnumbered, or as a general rule, you can board one enemy ship, disabling it, while at the same time engaging another in combat; always try to board largest-to-smallest but don't waste time switching ships trying to find the largest one.
  6. Taking off non-combat accessories such as sensors, T-drives, and mining equipment can relieve the extra burden on your energy supply that could give you the winning edge in battle!
  7. Use maneuvers at all possible times, as your energy is replenished when you max HP in between matches.
  8. You can check the stats on enemy ships before your battle to formulate better strategies, for those who like taking extra precautions ( I never really need to though).
  9. If you're hungry for stronger opponents, try leaving the sector and returning for a new list of victims! =)

Scales for opponents:

  • Dogfight- one enemy ship fights you to the death. (strength ranges from approximately 100-300)
  • Wing- 2-3 ships engage you until a winner prevails. (strength ranges from approximately 300-600)
  • Fleet- you lay it all on the line in a gruesome deathmatch against 3-5 opponents, winner takes all. (strength ranges from approximately 600-800)