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Background Story[ | ]

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The A’Shriari devastated the Solar System, the heart of the Empire. In that whole chaos, the Starpoint to Gemini was reopened. First the remnants of the once glorious Empire came into Gemini, taking over the center and ruling it for 8 years, but the all-out war that soon followed decimated the faction, and finished off the Empire once and for all. What was left were small pockets of Imperial Loyalists, too weak to have any impact on the global Gemini politics. The second wave of exiles changed that.

In the months following the last war, thousands of humans from the Solar system fled to Gemini, seeking refuge from the A’Shriari aliens. They were not greeted with joy. Instead they were sent to a barely habitable planet in the outer Gemini region called Phaehana. There they built for themselves at least some sort of a meager existence. They call themselves the Solari Concord, casting away any connection to the hated Empire, but at the same time honoring their Earthly heritage. Thousands more joined them on the planet of Phaeneros. It was time to think ahead and carve a place for themselves among the twin suns of Gemini.

Main Factions[ | ]

Due to the nearly 21 years that separate Starpoint Gemini 2 and Warlords, the political landscape of Gemini has changed quite a lot. Old factions, like the Earth Empire, the Directorate and the Thaurian Alliance have crumbled apart, while newer ones like the Outerlands, the Solari Concord and the Yxaril Conglomerate have risen in their stead.

Unlike in Starpoint Gemini 2, you can be in friendly terms with both Lawful and Outlaw factions, depending on which enemies you fight. For example, if you fight the Revenants, the Rogues, and the A'Shriari, eventually factions like the lawful Union, and the outlaw Royalists will become friendlier to you. You can also speak to the correspondent faction ambassador, and negotiate peace with them, which will make them neutral. Do note that if you do this with some factions, their enemies will become angry with you. Also, if the faction in question is very hostile with you, you're gonna have to beat some sense into them before they agree to make peace.

For example, Korkyra will act friendly towards the player when player’s reputation is +2,000 points and over, represented by a green target reticle. When player’s reputation drops below -2,000 points, Korkyran ships will attack the player on sight, and the target reticle will be red. In between is “neutral” behavior, which is indicated by their target color being blue. Korkyra's territory will also change color in the map, which will show whether they're enemies (red), neutrals (blue), allies (green), or your own faction (yellow).

More parameters are taken into account, but this is the simplified version suited to explain the basic principles.

Your own faction will be represented with yellow, and will always be on your side. Your relationship will always be at the maximum positive of +10,000 points.

Base Game Factions[ | ]

These are the factions that you will encounter in the main game, including Freeroam. Spoiler Factions are below this section.

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SPGW51stLegion The 51st Legion is a new mercenary group in Gemini, formed almost exclusively by members of the former Imperial Navy. Excellently trained, but disgruntled and unemployed Imperial servicemen banded together as a freelance group. It wasn't long before their reputation started to precede them and soon they became known as the only alternative to the powerful Gladius Group. The Legion's imperial lineage on occasions does cause issues, but so far they are mostly known for their high degree of professionalism.
SPGWAShriari A'Shriari - Knowledge about the A'Shriari aliens is severely limited. It is known that they invaded the Sol system and that they decimated the Imperial Armada. They've also "probed" the Gemini system, but stopped after losing a single recon fleet. The Lens, located in the Soreen region seems to be affecting the aliens' ability to communicate telepathically, which is believed to be the main source of their supremacy in the battlefield.

The combined knowledge about the A'Shriari is limited at best. They appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and stepped directly into an ongoing civil war in the Orion System, where the Imperial forces were "neutralizing" an uprising of the local population, the Numibian Kingdom. The A'Shriari's reasons for interfering are not clearly known, but conspiracy enthusiasts claim that Orion was the "home" of a grand Imperial gene-manipulation experiment, combining human with newly discovered alien DNA. Allegedly, the Hybrids developed telepathic abilities, similar to those possessed by the A'Shriari. Furthermore, the same theorists believe this allowed the Hybrids to "contact" the A'Shriari in their time of need, which triggered the alien response. These are all speculations, but they've raised a number of additional controversies over the years. The Brotherhood, a secretive group that threatened the safety of the Gemini System, is said to be directly connected to the Hybrids. That would explain the Brotherhood's desire to assist the A'Shriari, but as before, this is more hearsay than confirmed facts.

What is known is that the A'Shriari appeared in the Empire-controlled star systems in 2274 and managed to overrun them in several weeks. It is not their technology that provides them with such an advantage, but their telepathic abilities, allowing their fleets to maneuver in unprecedented coordination and precision. This was something that the Imperial war machine never encountered before, and it was ultimately their doom. The colonies were taken over in a few months, and the imperial core, the Sol System, only managed to hold on for a bit longer, eventually falling in 2296. The remnants of the Imperial Fleets fled in all directions, some eventually ending up in Gemini, after the Starpoint was reopened in that year.

For now, the Gemini System is relatively safe from the A'Shriari threat, with the Lens blocking the aliens' inherent telepathy, but experts warn that it is only a matter of time before the A'Shriari and Gemini's factions clash, either in Gemini or in somewhere else. Perhaps the Solar System will witness another war between the two civilizations. Or perhaps not.

In 2339, 14 years after Fairuz was saved from the Proxima, the A'Shriari made contact with the peoples of Gemini, officially declaring that they had no intention whatsoever in exterminating humanity. They revealed that the reason they invaded Human space was to bring an end to the Earth Empire. As the Earth Empire was no more, the A'Shriari no longer had a reason to keep fighting, and signed a peace treaty with Gemini, ending the conflict between both civilizations.

SPGWAdvanced Arms Inc Advanced Arms Inc - In an attempt to break down their scientific research into specific fields, Nexus founded several institutes, organized more like companies to carry out individual portions of R&D. Advanced Arms Inc. is one of those institutes and it specializes in ship equipment and enhancements. Although Nexus fell to the armies of the Baeldor Republic, the institute was allowed to continue with its work, but under the supervision of the Republic Senate and after the company's installations was first ransacked.
SPGWAI Robotics AI Robotics started out as a division of the Hub science council, but as time passed and the group grew stronger, they managed to separate from their “masters” and enter the big scene as an important and independent player. The company has continued its development of fully integrated AI with a focus on a "one-fits-all-purposes" solution. "Doomsayers" argue that if this goal is actually achieved, it would mean the end of the human race.
SPGWAnarchists The Anarchists are a definite constant on the way of life of Gemini. They are as certain and constant as the arrival of winter on planet Trinity. Not necessarily a welcome thing, but it is going to happen, whether you want it or not. The unruly bunch of rogues and outlaws has been harassing the Serpent and the surrounding regions for decades and it doesn't look like they intend to stop or be stopped by anyone.
SPGWBaeldor Republic The Baeldor Republic is one of the oldest factions in Gemini. It is also considered to be one of the most fragile too. The Republic has been facing internal friction and problems for decades, and analysts believe it is only a matter of time before the Republic shatters and splits into its individual baronies. For now, Carlos Figueroa, the long-time Baeldor Chancellor is keeping the Republic in one piece, but only barely. It is rumored Figueroa himself said on one occasion that "The Republic will break, but I only hope we can do it without bloodshed...". Besides all the internal struggles, the Republic also faces various outlaw groups like the Nexus Insurgents, who are gaining power and supporters with each passing month.
SPGWBrotherhood The Brotherhood suddenly appeared right before the last Imperial war, only to vanish equally fast. Their open allegiance to the A'Shriari aliens ensured the hostilities of all Gemini factions. The common belief is that the Brotherhood is no more, but analysts agree it is hard to verify this. It is still possible for the Brotherhood to reappear, and all of Gemini should be watchful.
SPGWClansmen Clansmen - The Triad, originating from the Lunaee station complex in the Triangle nebula, had shown it can handle the mire of Gemini politics quite aptly. The latest example is the group called the Clansmen. It is widely known that the largest, and basically sole benefactor of the Clansmen is the Triad, but since the Clansmen are organized almost as a legal company, their actions are not automatically attributed to the Triad, meaning the Clansmen can act as the Triad's privateers; a boon the Triad uses frequently.
SPGWExac Raw Materials Exac Raw Materials - Gemini hungers for resources. Vast amounts of resources. This is the segment the Exac Raw Materials Company excels at. Exac Raw is the largest ore and gas exporter in the system, firmly holding over a quarter of the Gemini market.
SPGWFrontier Frontier - Although their proclaimed goal is to overthrow the corrupt Iolian Government and expel MultiOps from the Iolian Pact territory, there are indications that the Frontier has become nothing more than a criminal group, causing havoc wherever they appear. There were rumours of a supposed MultiOps-Frontier connection, but seeing as the Frontier seems to be choosing their targets based on monetary value, rather than any political agenda, those rumours don't seem to hold much truth.
SPGWGemini Protectorate The Gemini Protectorate has a turbulent history. It started out as an independence movement seeking to separate Gemini from imperial rule. The resulting colonial war brought the then-called Gemini League to the brink of extinction, but it managed to survive and even grow stronger as the Second Gemini War was coming up on the horizon. Most of the prominent League leaders died in the last days of the war, but those who survived gathered a powerful force of like-minded captains and formed what is known today as the Gemini Protectorate. Admiral Dmitry Khuzev has been in power in the Protectorate since its inception.
SPGWGenos Genos - “We have every reason to believe that a key part in Genos behavior, philosophy or agenda is in some way linked to eco-radicalism. For now they are but a nuisance, but in the future they might become a threat if not dealt with accordingly. Let it be known that we cannot let anything stop progress of this great Union.” – Union regional commissar in “The Genos Threat”... If he only knew how true his words will become. The Genos have become more powerful than ever. Even losing their territory didn't weaken their resolve to stop the Union from exploiting the ore-rich asteroids in their territory. If anything, it only made them angrier, which in turn amplified the strength and resolve of their attacks.
SPGWGhosts Ghosts - One of the biggest problems Porphyria faces are the so-called "Ghosts". These ships apparently phase in and out of Hyperspace, making them a very difficult foe. For every Ghost ship destroyed, several more appear from "out-of-nowhere". Porphyrian officials believed that putting a stop to the weird experiments conducted on Kepler Station, deep in Aethera, would be the end of the Ghosts. This turned out to be completely wrong. It may have weakened the Ghosts, but it didn't eradicate them. They still "haunt" the Aethera Dust Cloud.
SPGWGladius Group Gladius Group rose from the ashes of the Mercenary Guild, decimated by the Gemini League during the last civil war. Their focus is bounty hunting and they do it extremely well. Most of the new members are tough veterans from all factions, with years of experience under their belt. Gladius Group is led by Manfred Beck, also known as "The Reaper", famous for his daring assassinations which he usually conducted in plain sight. Once the most prominent mercenary group in Gemini, it's now slowly but steadily losing its influence due to the arrival of a new mercenary company, called the 51st Legion.
SPGWGSE The last decade has been hard on Gemini Space Engineering. Just as it looked like they were on the brink of becoming a key player in Gemini, the Imperial War broke out. In an effort to cripple its Gemini opponents, the Empire launched numerous attacks on key GSE installations to prevent the other Gemini factions in rebuilding. This only left the GSE crippled, and ripe for the taking by "political vultures". At that moment, Korkyra approached the GSE with what looked like a sound idea: GSE will relinquish command of the majority of their facilities in times of war to serve Korkyran needs, and Korkyra is obligated to provide security to the greater GSE territory. In the end, it was just a case of a slow, peaceful conquest. GSE, in its state at the time, didn't stand a chance. Its territory was slowly engulfed by Korkyra, and most of the GSE stations were abandoned due to lack of finances.
SPGWHeraCorp HeraCorp, the Korkyran research and development division. It is not a secret that Korkyra is dependent on HeraCorp for all new ship technologies and ship designs. What is not known however is why does a company feature a large military navy? Some speculate this is simply for testing new tech before delivering it all to Korkyra, but the scale of it is surprising. HeraCorp's security fleet can easily match any smaller faction in Gemini.
SPGWHexen The Hexen were a powerful outlaw group, originating from the Outerlands region. But their influence and reach dwindled when the Stiletto group reformed and took control of the Outerlands, effectively expelling them from the region. That is something the Hexen cannot forget nor forgive. To the surprise of many, the Hexens' primary target and arch-enemy is another outlawed group: The Outerlands. Tortuga Bay, one of Outerlands' strongholds, is a frequent battleground. That doesn't mean that Hexen members are willing to ignore other valuable targets, whatever the faction.
SPGWHoloCom Inc Holocom founded its headquarters in Union-held territory. There was much speculation as to “why” the company chose that location. Suspicious minds dared to speculate that the Union paid Holocom so they may keep an eye on the company and gain unhindered access to the vast amount of information circulating Holocom’s ever-spreading network of communication satellites. Recent past has not been favorable to the company, however. Holocom has buckled under the financial pressure after most of their relay satellites and network hubs were nationalized by local factions, effectively cutting their primary business down to only a fraction of what it was, in a matter of several months.
SPGWInterstate Interstate - Most members of the former Free Traders Association, after it was forcefully annexed by the Nyxian Consortium decided to take a different path from the expected norm. Instead of relocating to a new headquarters and attempting to regain control of Fenicia, they’ve opted for something completely different instead. The Interstate, as they are now called, roam the system, doing trade “on the go”. Instead of waiting for potential buyers to come to them, to their “center of operations”, they travel across Gemini actively seeking trade opportunities. Their valor should be commended at least.
SPGWIolia Iolian Government - The more radical portion of the Iolian population saw the agreement with MultiOps as a travesty. Not from the start, though. The idea was sound and promising, but the actual implementation was lacking. The primary fault is sinn in MultiOps "grabbing" too much influence at the expense of the elected Iolian political officials. The Iolian Independence Movement, or just Iolia for short aims to change that completely. Rather than ensuring modifications to the Agreement, they seek the complete separation of MultiOps from the political life in Iolian territory, which would be organized as their traditional monarchy.
SPGWIolianPact The Iolian Pact was formed through a mutual economic and security agreement between the independent sectors surrounding Iolia and MultiOps Industries. The independent sectors were formerly organized in a monarchy, but the Agreement consolidated the new state as a democracy, at least officially. The real truth is that the position of the Head of State has been firmly on the hands of MultiOps CEOs or persons handpicked by the MultiOps board. Unrest caused by this inequality has been stirring problems in the Iolian Pact in recent years and it is not unthinkable that the Pact may not stand the test of time.
SPGWIonTech IonTech - After being the Baeldor Republic's "favorite" for decades, Iontech (full name: IonTech Exploits) has managed to broaden its portfolio with other lucrative contracts, especially in weapons manufacturing: their primary business.
SPGWJailers Jailers Association- The Jailers are what you get when a group of sociopaths "see the truth about the world" and transform into what is basically a pseudo-religion, with the firm beliefs that human beings are not meant to be free because they don't know how to be free. "Freedom is a wicked illusion, a mirage. Let us embrace the real shackles of that which is life and stop the nonsensical pretense of choice." This quote from their leader speaks volumes about their belief system. Regardless, they make excellent prison wardens which are what the other Gemini factions usually hire them for.
SPGWKorkyra Korkyra has passed through a number of smaller and larger political reforms in the last 50 years. It began as the Korkyran Triumvirate, governed by a militaristic regime and led by a despotic figure with the title of Grand Arbiter. The Arbiter's judges, called Judicators, traversed the Triumvirate territory and unleashed justice upon everyone they deemed criminal or corrupt. The Second Gemini War forced drastic changes in the internal organization of the Triumvirate. Under the leadership of the Grand Arbiter Christopher Derrick, the state has relinquished its firm grip on the population, taking the vast power away from the Judiciary and ultimately transforming into a more democratic state. More recently, Korkyra has led something of a civil war against a large portion of the population that firmly believed that "The Old Ways were better". The so-called "Thaurian Alliance" did everything it could to fight against the reformation and evolution of the Triumvirate, but it was ultimately defeated. The small remaining pockets of Thaurian resistance, called the Legacy, claim that foreign mercenaries were involved in the grueling events.
SPGWLaGarde The LaGarde Family once prospered within its independent territory, but the Trinity Free States used the chaos of the last Imperial war to seize control of the LaGarde territory with the help of at least part of the family. The rest were forced to "go underground" and return to their "traditional business" involving criminal activities. Some see LaGarde as the new Syndicate, and that is not far from the truth since the Syndicate was once part of the LaGarde entourage.
SPGWLegacy Legacy - Soon after Walter Lehman, the leader of the Thaurian Alliance, was captured, convicted and executed, the Alliance itself was at the brink being annihilated. A part of the Alliance’s leadership proceeded to negotiate surrender which eventually ended the war, but a large part of the Thaurian military refused this agreement and continued fighting. This eventually led to the creation of a resistance movement called Legacy. Legacy claims to be trying to preserve what they believe is the true Korkyran Triumvirate.
SPGWMadeira Constructions When something needs to be rebuilt or repaired, Madeira Constructs is likely to be hired. This was not always the case, but ever since the GSE became integrated into Korkyra, Madeira has been experiencing an exponential growth.
SPGWMars Shipping Mars Shipping is by far the largest transport-oriented company in Gemini. Almost 40% of all shipping in Gemini can, in some way, be traced back to Mars Shipping or one of its many subsidiary companies and even freelance support fleets. The recent past of the company was not all "peachy", though. The frequent wars rampaging through Gemini hit Mars Shipping hard, but nothing came close to the most recent one: The Baeldor Republic, where Mars Shipping had set up its Headquarters, was under heavy attacks by both the Imperial forces in Gemini and the Nexus. The company's convoys were often targeted and raided to cause chaos in the Republic ranks.
SPGWMiningCartel The Mining Cartel is a continuation of the Miners Guild, even in its accomplishments, it seems. Where the Miners Guild failed, the Cartel seems to be continuing with the downward spiral. It's losing members, mostly freelance miners, at a rapid pace, although it should be noted that the rate has been slowed down, and who knows, if the slow-down trend continues, the Mining Cartel might actually survive.
SPGWMultiOps Times are definitely changing. MultiOps Industries, as the wealthiest Gemini company, has been living a dream these last decades, but business newcomers have been slowly chipping away at MultiOps’ influence and market share. It’s hard to say whether it is due to some bad business decisions or simply bad luck, but MultiOps has been slowly, but steadily losing its power in Gemini. Rumors even speak of upcoming turmoil in the Iolian Pact. If the Pact shatters, MultiOps might lose everything.
SPGWMycaena Mycaenian Security - The Mycaena cluster is a well-known refuge for mercenaries, former military personnel and other misfits. It has witnessed some changes in recent years though. Following the post-war struggles of the Imperial onslaught, the Mycanean leadership decided to strengthen both their rhetoric and their defenses. While the Empire no longer exists as an enemy, Mycaena believes other factions pose a potential threat as well. Their secluded, secretive and almost paranoid nature is preventing them from opening up to outside influence.
SPGWNeophyteTechnologies Neophyte Technologies has a very short history of its own. The fall of the Nexus in the last war, when it aligned with the Imperial forces in Gemini, meant the end for a very powerful company called NeoPhysics, which was the leader in high-end technology in the system, but was also under direct control and financing from the Nexus. The Baeldor Republic, as it conquered Nexus' territory took it upon itself to neutralize NeoPhysics' installations. This was done under the civilized ruse of the “Charter of Salvage” which essentially allowed the most powerful Baeldor companies the exclusive right to walk into any NeoPhysics station or installation of any kind and take what they like, specifically anything of scientific value. The stocks of both IonTech and AI Robotics spiraled upwards, but it was short-lived. Key NeoPhysics scientists working on the various procured technologies, who were instrumental in the research, were either killed or missing. Some resurfaced months later as key personnel of the newly formed Neophyte Technologies Company, with its headquarters in the Sora Barony, of the Baeldor Republic.
SPGWNexus Nexus - At the peak of its power, the Nexus, under the control of the infamous Thomas Scott ruled a large portion of Gemini and it was the epicenter of all groundbreaking technological advancements. But today, Nexus is only a shadow of its former self. The recent Imperial war in which Nexus allied with the Empire left the faction "on the wrong side". The mighty Baeldor Republic, aided by the rising Gemini Protectorate, rushed across Nexus' borders and conquered almost all of its territory, not to mention the death of Dr. Scott himself at the hands of Adrian Faulkner. Only a small fraction was left to the Nexus civilians that fled from planet Sora. Nexus officials are still hopeful they can regain some of the power they lost, but that is highly unlikely despite their "under-the table" support of the Nexus Insurgents movement in the Republic.
SPGWNexusInsurgents Nexus Insurgents - Not all former Nexus members agreed with the new situation in which the Baeldor Republic has control over the majority of the Nexus territory. There are groups that firmly believe in what Thomas Scott, presumably deceased, had in store for the “proud” faction. The Insurgency’s primary goal is to revive the Nexus, the “true” Nexus and bring the Republic to its knees through constant harassment and attacks on Baeldor ships and installations.
SPGWNiners The Niners are a small, but resilient outlaw group operating from within the Cloud Nine nebula. They’ve been causing problems to the Baeldor Republic for years, but all attempts at eradicating or at the very least weakening them, have failed. The unrest boiling in the Republic could be aiding them. At least that is the consensus among the analysts.
SPGWNyxian Consortium Nyxian Consortium - After the recent turbulent decade, fraught with wars, the Nyxian Consortium, under its new leadership has been slowly rebuilding its diplomatic relations with the rest of Gemini and has been repositioning itself once more as an economic and trade power in the system. They are not there yet, but the clear lack of any official response from the other Gemini factions to the Consortium’s recent “acquisition” of the Free Traders Association territory clearly shows the Consortium is becoming “accepted” again.
SPGWOmega Transports Omega Transports - The Mycaenans' turn to a more despotic behavior provoked the Omega Transports Company to seek asylum in the Trinity Free States. They were granted the asylum, but only if they built their new headquarters in Veynor, a weak, war-scarred region in the Free States. It wasn’t the best of solutions for Omega, but the company’s leadership concluded it was still better than the alternative of staying in Mycaena.
SPGWOuterlands The Outerlands is the youngest faction in Gemini, formed by various outlaw groups, under the guidance of the former outlaw group called Stiletto. They’ve managed to achieve what was considered impossible: they unified the pirate warlords who were rampaging through the outer Gemini regions under a single banner and created a force to be reckoned with. Only the Triad remains outside of the “pirate alliance” which is something the Outerlands leaders are keen on changing.
SPGWPorphyria Porphyria has had a turbulent history, although not a very long one. A large portion of the original Porphyrian territory was barely habitable due to extreme space-time instability that would display itself through frequent surges in anomaly appearances. This was both a blessing and a curse as it turned out since this very instability caused other larger Gemini factions to ignore Porphyria. Porphyria used this precious time to consolidate and build up and eventually even take on a more proactive role in the Gemini political landscape. The fall of the Imperial dominion in Gemini allowed Porphyria to swoop in and take over parts of the Imperial territory, strengthening their position even more.
SPGWRaiders Raiders - What was once believed to be an outlaw group with a political agenda, is now clearly a simple outlaw group, poised on raiding Korkyran outposts and trade convoys. All traces of a “larger agenda” have disappeared from the Raiders’ MO, as the members who wanted the old tyrannical Triumvirate to return have joined the Thaurian remnants to form "Legacy".
SPGWRevenants Revenants - When the Nexus fell to the might of the Baeldor Republic, the Revenants seized the opportunity and strengthened their numbers with disgruntled or fleeing Nexus civilian and navy members. It was just the boost they needed to fight the Rogues who were applying pressure on the other front. Once the Rogue front was pacified, the Revenants turned towards Nexus with some success.
SPGWRogues Rogues - On the outside, the (Gemini) Rogues look much like any other outlaw faction in Gemini, but that could also be attributed to various media spins and skewed perspectives. The Rogues are a well-organized faction with a trained and competent war fleet. They owe these attributes, and the influence and power derived from them, to the unspoken alliance the Rogues had with the Gemini League (today's Gemini Protectorate). Many of the founders of the modern Rogues are actually former members of the Gemini League. Their most recent surge in number, came with the influx of refugees from the Free Traders Association after it was annexed by the Nyxian Consortium. What the "Traders" brought as well was economic savvy and general know-how in the matters of trade.
SPGWRoyalists Royalists - The A'Shriari eradicated the Empire in the Sol system, while the Gemini factions brought them to their knees in Gemini. But not all Imperials are willing to accept the new situation. Some still remain "loyal to their creed" and continue to fight, likely to their deaths. The troubling reports claim though that these so-called Royalists are actually gaining members, instead of losing them. It seems the idea of the Empire is alluring to some Gemini-born citizens, not just those of Imperial descent.
SPGWSanctum Sanctum - "Knowledge is Power" goes the ancient proverb. Sanctum proves this in more ways than one. Although if you look at the size of their territory, Sanctum is one of the smallest factions in Gemini, it shouldn't be mistaken for the weakest. Sanctum was created through the unification of The Hub, a scientifically inclined faction rivaled only by the former mighty Nexus, and the Sanctuary, a group so devious that no faction would dare confront it. The Hub brought to the table pure high-tech and development, while the Sanctuary had "dirt" on everyone... EVERYONE. The combined knowledge ensured the newly formed Sanctum could grow in power, almost completely unhindered, for almost a decade. Analysts agree that recently, Sanctum's influence has been slowly waning, but they are still far what one would call "weak".
SPGWSolariConcord Solari Concord - Humans, fleeing from the Sol system ravaged by the A'Shriari invasion, came to Gemini in the search for a new home. While the majority of Gemini's population opposed their arrival, fearing it would lead to the creation of a new Empire, some were more accepting and allowed the newcomers to settle on the planet Phaeneros, a distant, cold, and barely habitable world. To clarify, they are the surviving civilians of the Solar System, that were abandoned by the Imperial Armada when the A'Shriari invaded their home. They had to fight their way through their side of the Gateway while the A'Shriari did everything they could to stop them.
SPGWStoners Stoners - Although their name suggests otherwise, the Stoners are not an assortment of drug-addicted mindless pirates. Given time and sufficient funding, they'd probably try to organize an official control of the Stone Dead region and be acknowledged as one of Gemini's states. It is for that goal that the Sanctum could be funding the Stone Dead outlaws, if rumors are to be believed.
SPGWSupraTravel SupraTravel is Gemini’s leading organization in maintaining T-Gates and the Riftway network. The Riftway Grid, although massively funded by the company, proved to be lacking which almost caused the entire company to go bankrupt. SupraTravel has recently unveiled a complete redesign of the Riftway system, hoping to attract investors. One could say that this is their last chance. Also, as a compensation for the first Riftway iteration's failure, they no longer charge for T-Gate travel.
SPGWSyndicate Syndicate - The recent wars were good for the Syndicate. Business prospered, weapons trading was at an all-time high, drugs usage spiked… good years. The downside of it is the attention this has attracted from the major Gemini factions. It seems an “open season” was proclaimed against the Syndicate and their members are being hunted down all over Gemini. It will be interesting to see how successful the crackdown on crime will be, seeing how the Syndicate is firmly rooted in almost all regions in the system.
SPGWThe Shard The Shard was never a large group, member-wise, but their number have dwindled even further. The Union’s successful campaign to annex the Sea of Sorrow region decimated the Shard. The expansion of the Outerlands from the other side didn’t help either, leaving the Shard to fight on two fronts. They didn’t really have a chance. Although the situation seems bleak at the moment, it is not likely the group will dissolve. It might take time, but Gemini will once again witness the power of the Shard.
SPGWTriaCorp Trinity Armoring Corporation is a government funded company involved in research and development of high-tech weaponry and ship equipment. As the Trinity Free States grew in territory, influence and sheer financial power, so did the need to protect its investments. TriACorp was founded to counteract the potential dangers looming on the horizon from all directions. Triacorp’s most lauded success was the development and production of all the fleet ships in the Trinity Free States navy that proved to be a lot more durable and powerful than it was first expected.
SPGWTriad The Triad is commonly considered an assortment of fun-lovers, drug-pushers and pleasure-seekers, and that’s not really far from reality, though the Triad has, over time, shown a great deal of understanding and grasp of the larger Gemini politics. It should not be a surprise that they have, as a group, managed to survive all wars and turmoil in Gemini. Their most recent problem however, is a little too close for comfort. The Outerlands, their “next-door neighbor”, is putting a lot of pressure on the Triad to either join the Outerlands or face annexation.
SPGWTrinity Free States Trinity Free States, as its name implies, is a federal assembly of independent territories, gathered around a singular idea of a strong and well-connected alliance. Over time this alliance grew into a more unified state made up of several “prefectures”. For years, the TFS have nurtured strong diplomatic and security relations with the Gemini Protectorate. Further unification is not likely, but the two factions still remain each other’s strongest allies.
SPGWUnichem Unichem - From the ashes of Wright Chemicals, rose Unichem. A new, Korkyra-sponsored company, focused on becoming the leader in the chemical industry. The Korkyran government believed that instead of attempting to “clean up” residual traces of Thaurian Resistance from the company, it would be easier to completely shut down the company and from it, build a new one. Whether their plan succeeded is questionable however.
SPGWUnion Union - Barely a year after the end of the Second Gemini War, disgruntled members of the Mining Cartel, formerly known as the Mining Guild, banded together and formed what is known today as the Union. Over the years the Union has grown in influence, almost purely through their ore exports. Almost the entire Gemini is supplied by the Union, at least to some extent. More recently, the Union has expanded its territory to encompass the Sea of Sorrow after a decade-long struggle to get their hands on the valuable shard ore found almost exclusively in the region
SPGWVanguards The Vanguards are the last true pioneers of humanity. Their migrant fleets go where no man has gone before, stretching the reach of human colonization. The Vanguards in Gemini is what is left of the original colonists that first breached the threshold and explored Gemini. They tend not to colonize planets, but are rather focused on cartography and exploration. During the last several decades, the Vanguards have mostly disappeared, but lately however, they have been spotted once more. Being a secluded group as they are, it is hard to know their agenda, if they even have one.
SPGWVanquis The Vanquis are a marginal outlaw formation that is constantly proving to be a nuisance to both Trinity and the Gemini Protectorate. Other than raiding small border outposts and passing convoys, they don't seem to have any clear greater agenda. Security analysts are however warning about an increase in numbers. The Vanquis are enjoying the influx of members leaving Protectorate territory to join them.
SPGWWard The Ward - “Hardship is fertile soil for fanaticism of all kinds, but The Ward is a special kind of stupid. They owe their allegiance to no one, they have no known source of funding and operate even beyond illegal. With outlaws, you basically know what they’re after, more or less, but with these guys… nothing. They can stop you in the middle of nowhere and if they suspect you condone any action done by the A’Shriari or their Brotherhood dogs… you’re history. We had to act before they do, your honor.” ...excerpt from the trial “Baeldor Republic versus Emmet Horris”, captain of the Straeverra.
SPGWYxarilConglomerate Yxaril Conglomerate - If you had asked ten years ago, hardly anyone would think the Yxaril group could ever succeed in becoming what they are today, and that is a force to be reckoned with. One might dismiss the Conglomerate as a simple company handling waste disposal, but they are much more than that. What is even more troubling is that their influence is only gaining momentum and they have been showing more aggression and inclination to territorial expansion in recent years.

Campaign Factions (Spoiler Warning)[ | ]

This section is a spoiler due to several things, among others, the Baeldor Republic breaks apart into its baronies, and a group of former Imperial military known as the Black Oath wreaks havoc across Gemini.

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SPGWBlackOath Black Oath - An outlaw group led by the former Imperial officer Amaeri Ben'sara, that seeks the complete destruction of the Solari Concord and the rebirth of the Earth Empire. Originally, the Oath had hoped that the Concord had intentions in reviving the Empire as well, and wanted to ally with them. However, the Exile Council was not interested, and the Oath's anger turned into blind hatred, culminating in the hijacking of the Proxima superweapon, with the help of the councilor Khal Emmerix, and its firing on Phaeneros itself, wrecking much of its surface. Ben'sara and her mole in the Council tried to blast Fairuz with the Proxima as well. Fortunately, they were stopped by the Concord's fleet, which proceeded to retake the Proxima and save Fairuz. It's not known what became of Ben'Sara or her accomplice, whether they were killed in the battle or captured alive.
SPGWHelmsfordBarony Helmsford Barony - To great dismay of the Sentchuk Barony, when the Baeldor Republic split, Helmsford decided to side with Maginot. They might not be very interested in reviving the Republic in its past form, but Helmsford authorities have at least shown an interest in a collaboration with Maginot and Sora. Baroness Lainsey of Sentchuk, however has different ideas. It is not strange then that Helmsford and Sentchuk have become fierce enemies. However, their belief that the Concord was an even worse threat led to them dropping the hatchet and leading the formation of the Core Worlds Alliance.
SPGWMaginotBarony The Maginot Barony was the center of the Baeldor Republic. This is where it all began and where the Baeldor Senate was located. Although the Republic didn’t stand the test of time, the Maginot Barony still hopes to unify the baronies and form a new Republic. Some within the high ranks of the Barony believe this should be done by any means necessary, while others believe a more drastic approach would completely defeat the purpose and the idea on which the Republic stood.
SPGWSentchukBarony The Sentchuk Barony is one of the two founding baronies of the former Baeldor Republic, but clearly times have changed. What were once the strongest of allies, have become fierce enemies. Such behavior on behalf of Sentchuk comes as no surprise to some political analysts though, as they claim the Barony has been preparing for this war for a long time, especially since the current baroness, Hannah Lainsey, rose to power in the Barony. Her public displays of disdain for the Republic have been a thorn in the side of Chancellor Figueroa for years.
SPGWSoraBarony The Sora Barony was the latest addition to the Baeldor Republic, annexed by the Republic during the war with the Nexus. It took a lot of effort (and Republic funding) to calm the local population, but it was successful at least to an extent. Baroness Saria Kirst, still in power in Sora, is greatly to be commended for this. The splitting of the Republic is a cause for concern, but Baroness Kirst seems to be in control of the barony for the time being. Intel reports however, that the ever-looming Nexus Insurgency is on the rise.

Titans Return Factions (Potential Spoilers)[ | ]

These factions are added as part of the campaign of the Titans Return DLC, and are not encountered anywhere else.

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SPGWCoreWorldsAlliance The Core Worlds Alliance is a group formed on the principles of the Gemini Protectorate to defend against and defeat the Solari Concord. It's formation was headed by the Sentchuk Barony, and it has members from factions all over Gemini, like the Protectorate, Nyx, Korkyra, and Iolia.
SPGWNyxianDominion Nyxian Dominion - Led by the vengeful former ruler of Nyx, Zaldur Hargraves, the Nyxian Dominion is what remains of the original Nyxian government. They abandoned the Gemini System over 50 years ago, before the hated Directorate caused the Starpoint Incident of 2273 that sealed off the system. They currently rule the Alcyone system, and are one of the few human bastions that stand against the A'Shriari forces that seek to destroy the Empire's remnants.

Rise of Numibia Factions (Potential Spoilers)[ | ]

These factions are added as part of the new map added by the Rise of Numibia DLC, and are not encountered in the normal game world.

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SPGWEastland Eastland, as the name suggests, is a faction located at the eastern part of the Gemini system. The faction's capital and base of operations is the planet Doma, located in the Kasunga region. As their name suggests, the Eastland faction once ruled all of the East, but since then, they've been reduced to a mere shadow of what once was a prominent faction. Their next-door neighbors, Highland, served as their ally when Eastland had to defend themselves, but the Rogues nevertheless managed to wedge themselves between the two allies. In recent times, Eastland and Highland's relations have grown somewhat colder, as new turmoil takes over the East as well as the rest of Gemini.
SPGWHighland Highland - The Highlanders are a resourceful people. Scraping on what little they can find in their destitute home in the northeast of the Gemini System, they were able to survive and sustain their hold on an undesired part of the system, but recently, the Concord's expansion forced other factions to adapt, and that meant the Rogues took what little highland had on their border with Eastland, dividing the two allies. Once Highland learned of Numibia's plans, they too wanted a piece of the Gemini cake, so they mobilized and started slowly working their way towards a better life. They used to rule the entirety of the regions of Kampala and Thabana, including the furthest planet away from The Twins, Gladstone.
SPGWNumibia Numibia - The Numibian Tribe were among the first in the era of human expansion across distant star systems, and the first to leave a mark. Led by the Dakkar family, the Numibian Tribe controlled parts of space in every Imperial colony. At the peak of their strength, the legendary leader Masego Dakkar left the newest Numibian strongholds in Gemini to defend their homeland in the Orion system. His daughter, Ashanti, is a child of war. Born during that bloodshed, Ashanti was sent back to Gemini following the Numibians' crushing defeat at the hands of the A'Shriari, which led to the downfall of the Orion System.

The Numibian presence in Gemini had it rough from the start. Once, they were a large kingdom, but they were reduced to almost nothing by factions that feared their existence. They managed to fight their way to claim a small part of a hostile and inhospitable part of Gemini in hopes of rebuilding, but soon they were thwarted by stronghanded, more prominent factions who simply beat them into submission, forced Ashanti into exile, and exploited their natural resources to their liking.

But the time has come for Numibia to rise and return the favor.

Ashanti Dakkar, the Numibian Queen, has recently returned to her homeland, and immediately started mustering all able and willing people for her effort to dole out what has been given to Numibia, and in the end, to conquer the entirety of the Gemini System, rebuilding the great Numibian Kingdom to its former glory.

SPGWTswana The Tswana faction was coexisting peacefully with the other factions in the east part of Gemini until the Sol refugees sought a new home, and soon the Concord started encroaching on their territory, forcing Tswana's hand to react. Tswana began regrouping and now they're ready to retaliate, take back what's theirs, and make sure the Concord never gets another chance to usurp some other faction's home. The turmoil in the East is aided by the Numibia faction, which too started to organize their war efforts and began threatening the once prosperous center of the Gemini system. They were the original inhabitants of Phaehana and Phaeneros, before the Concord moved in.