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SPG Warlords is a unique blend of space sim, RPG and 4X games. Conduct research and construction in your own gigantic space station, command your war fleets and heroic companions to invade enemy territory, build up your stronghold, trade, mine, salvage and remind your enemies why they fear you. Its progress is heavily dictated by the community, since LGM (Little Green Man) Games pay a special respect towards the community input. SPGW currently has almost 100 playable ships and hundreds of manually created places to visit. Take a quick look at some of the in game screenshots to get a feeling of its beauty.

Current Content[]

The current gameplay consists of two parts. The Campaign with full multi-choice story filled with intriguing plot twists and turns, and several free-roam scenarios giving the player some control over the starting conditions. The game also features 99 playable ships, hundreds of locations to visit, and a lot of quests, main and side, to complete.If you choose the Campaign option, You can, at any point of the game, completely change your preferences and ignore the main story for as much as you want. During the travels, players will often encounter other entities and organizations with their own quests and tasks. The biggest change, which originated from our community, is the addition of the HQ. It's a massive space station which enables you to conduct researches, build ships, assemble autonomous fleets and much more.

Page Description
Headquarters A massive station capable of conducting researches, building ships and fleets, trading, repairing and similar.
Ships Almost 100 ships available, organized over 10 different classes, each with its own advantages.
Planets 16 planets open for visitation or annihilation.
Map & Locations Hundreds of unique locations and points of interest for a unique interstellar experience.
Missions The game features a full Campaign storyline paired with many side and freelance missions.
Equipment Over 150 different weapons and even more enhancements to give you infinite ways of customization.
Skills & Perks 15 Class skills open for customization and over 70 unlockable perks.
Universe A completely new story, with new characters, only partially related to the SPG 2.
Tutorials Page which holds information for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.
Stations Structures where you can repair, rearm, buy new ships, accept freelance missions and buy or sell commodities and consumables.
Commodities Commodities are items that can be bought in stations, found in cargo containers, mined from asteroids or recovered from delerict ships.

DLC Content[]

Since the release of SPG Warlords there are 5 DLC-s that came out with much more new content that includes new storyline(only in Titans Return DLC) new conquests, new ships, new planets etc.... The new DLC that came out are Titans Return, Cycle of Warfare, Deadly Dozen, Rise of Numibia and Endpoint each is different from the other one with a lot of new exciting things to do and to explore.

Deadly Dozen[]

First DLC that came out was Deadly Dozen featuring 12 new bounties, capturing and flying 3 new unique ships and acquiring a new warmaster or build new devastating ''Perun'' carriers for your warfleets. The Deadly Dozen DLC will activate himself in any load you had even before he was purchased.

Titans Return[]

Titans Return was second DLC that came out featuring a new storyline and missions, 3 new Titans ships (Defiance, Legion and Juggernaut) new conquest mechanics connected to the storyline, command Titan-class vessels in either campaign or any of the freeroam scenarios, new freeroam scenario designed for immediate Titan ready content, unique ''ultimate-aura'' passive abilities of each of the Titan ships and show off acquired Titan vessels at Concordia with the Titans trophy system. Titans Return DLC will activate itself after reaching the 28. base in campaign mode it will offer two options continue as freeroam or partially freeroam(that means continue with the storyline) or you can start them from the menu under campaign select Titans return.

Cycle of Warfare[]

Cycle of Warfare was third released DLC containing a lot of new features some as playing with the new species. Cycle of Warfare was released on 5. October 2017 and contains a five new playable factions: Iolian Pact, Korkyra, Outerlands, A'shriari, and privateers, over 100 hours of new Conquest and Scenario gameplay, fly and command capital ships of an exclusive new alien shipline, from gunships to carriers, vanquish all human life from the Gemini system by shutting down all of the infrastructure and fire a massive weapon directly from their mothership, burning planets and vaporizing all means of sustaining life.

Rise of Numibia[]

Rise of Numibia is fourth released DLC featuring: 30% of the Gemini map has been completely modified in order to bring new and exciting parts to explore and conquer ,1 new playable faction (Numibia) with new Headquarters, 3 new additional factions (Highland, Eastland, Tswana) new scenarios – Conquest with Numibia, or Defense against the Numibian incursion, new ambassadors for the new factions, 7 brand new spaceship designs that include all ship classes (Bonas, Nhoma, Walvis, Okahara, Tantas, Koenos, Aranos), 4 new planets (Kalahari, New Korkyra, Gladstone, Doma), plus a New Korkyra moon, new asteroid fields with stunning visual and gameplay additions.

Endpoint (needs better description)[]

Endpoint is the last released DLC. It features a new Story, new Characters, 8 new Shipdesigns and an modified Planetary Attack.

Main Game Features[]


Main Article: Headquarters

If you’re going to be an important factor in Gemini, it is only suitable that you have a stronghold, a place which you call “home”. Only in the case of Warlords, home means a massive space station that can develop new weapon systems, build gigantic space ships, mount defensive turrets, assemble war fleets, command new structures to be built all around Gemini and conduct dangerous research. The HQ in itself is also expandable so you can watch it being developed as you and your faction become stronger and more influential. Your adversaries might designate your HQ as their prime target however…

4X Strategy layer[]

Running a successful faction requires resources. The best way to gather those resources is through constructing structures to collect them. You can gather ore by building mining operations in asteroid fields while gas can be accumulated via gas collectors in nebulas. And finally, gather the badly needed materials by recycling what your reclaimer structures can use in junkyards. That’s only one part of it though. Before you can construct anything, you have to control a region. This is where you war fleets come into play. Assemble a fleet, assign a leader and send them to conquer a region. You can also join them personally if you wish, but they can do the job on their own. Your war fleets are also instrumental in guarding your own territory against any intrusion or rebellion.

Classes, Skills & Perks[]

Main Article: Skills & Perks

You will be able to choose from several different character classes. These determine the set of combat skills you can use. Once you choose a class however, you cannot change it. Each individual skill has 5 modifiers you can spend your skill points on. If a specific aspect of a skill is of interest to you, simply spend more points on that modifier. This offers a neat way of molding a skill to your personal preference. Perks are special passive bonuses that can be applied to any segment of the game, player or faction related. Perks are unlocked as you play the game and increase in level. This means they become available for choosing. Every few levels, you gain a Perk point which you then distribute on the Perks to attain them. What Perks do is very varied. Some apply simple passive bonuses to handling specific ship classes. Some make you more proficient at leading your faction. And some Perks are used specifically in dialogues to open up more options.


Main Article: Ships

Starpoint Gemini Warlords offers a large variety of ships of all shapes and sizes. A something-for-everyone approach. Besides your own faction-related designs, there are over 80 other different ships you can choose from. And that doesn’t mean to choose just for yourself to command, but incorporate into your fleets as well. Ships range from small, but fast gunships with only a handful of weapon turrets to giants of destruction in the form of slow, but heavily armored and armed dreadnoughts or carriers. And then there is the Proxima… a special kind of overkill madness shaped like a mobile space station.


Main Article: Combat System | Light Weapons: List | Heavy Weapons: List

Starpoint Gemini Warlords are in general focused on controlling large space ships and not fighters. Combat follows that idea closely. Careful maneuvering to best position your ship in combat is essential. Defense-wise it is always a good idea to face incoming foes with your strongest shields, but don’t forget about your weapon turrets which are also positioned on all sides of your ship. Forward-facing frontal attack might not be the best course of action. A good side barrage fire is in some cases a much better choice.

Trading & Smuggling[]

There are over 100 space stations in the Gemini system. Some lawful, some not so much. In addition to station, there are also a number of planets you can land on. Not all of these locations produce and sell commodities, but as a general rule, all stations use some commodities as resources. You can bet they’d be willing to pay good money for those commodities. The key to being good at trading and earning a bundle is information. Explore the system, get info on basic prices and be on the lookout for temporary price changes. With that info you’ll be able to buy low and sell high, the way it’s meant to be done.

Freelance Jobs[]

Main Article: Missions

Making a living in Gemini can be difficult, but the freelance market is as alive as ever. Contractors all over the system are willing to pay good money to captains interested in doing some freelance work-for-hire. These jobs can be anything from delivering valuable cargo, to surveying an area or hunting down a known fugitive and bringing him to justice (or vengeance, depending on what kind of morals the contractor is displaying). Freelance jobs are procedurally generated with a large number of different modifiers to make them more diverse and always available.


Mining is just one of many ways you can earn a profit or contribute to your faction as resource. It can be done in several ways. The standard modus operandi is to simply blast an asteroid from the skies. This results in small quantities of ore to be left behind which you can then collect. Alternatively, you can use more sophisticated equipment like the Borehole torpedo. Fire one of these babies into an asteroid and once it detonates, simply wait for the dust to settle to collect your “hard-mined” ore.


Another good way to earn a buck is to explore Gemini and when you come across a derelict vessel or structure, to scavenge it for useful parts. Useful in this case means you can sell it for profit. Similar to mining, you can simply destroy a derelict and get some materials from it. Or you can use specialized equipment like the Salvage drones to do it in a smart way and carefully extract anything of use. Using drones can sometimes yield even fully functioning ship systems. Gemini lives on even if you stick to a single location. Derelicts can appear in the regions you’ve already explored, or disappear if an NPC collects it, but there are some special derelicts that can only be harvested once.

System Requirements[]

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit) 
  • Processor: Intel Core 2.6 GHz or equivalent 
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM 
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible with 1024MB or equivalent 
  • DirectX: Version 11 
  • Storage: 15 GB available space 
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card 

Little Green Man Games[]

LGM Games is a growing team of highly motivated and talented programmers, writers, 3D and 2D artists and animators, all sharing the same passion for video games. Our mission is to create new worlds and adventures, with players - for players. LGM Games stands behind the successful Starpoint Gemini series, from our debut title in 2011 to the 2014 sequel, along with countless expansions. LGM’s vision of space-flavored RPG simulation games continues to evolve and grow, with many more exciting elements to be revealed in the future. To learn more about Little Green Men Games, visit: .

Game is now on its exciting journey through Early Access, with new content coming on a regular basis.

Our previous Early Access experience was simply amazing; the massive response (after 50+ updates) resulted with a bigger and better game which was soon followed by two smaller paid DLC's and one huge free DLC (basically a remake of the entire first game in new environment).


Some of the textual content on the SPG Warlords Wikia is a mere placeholder, a copy pasted information from SPG 2 that is fairly related to the current version of SPG Warlords. Visual content, pictures, screenshots and videos are all from the Warlords game and are not brought over from previous titles. This will change with time, as we add more content and find enough time to write the unique lore and descriptions for several Wikia pages. The Warlords balance is changing on a daily basis, so some of the smaller presented information might be outdated. However, we will do our best to update the site as soon as possible. As the game progresses, new content will be regularly published and covered.