The Junction

'The Junction' Overview

Home to the (From top, clockwise) Solomon, Corinth, and Centaur Battlestations.

  • In the level 23 main mission, Solomon Battlestation is home to a peace council hosted by the Nyxian Consortium, with two heavily armed guard outposts for protection.
  • Corinth Battlestation and Centaur Battlestation are owned by the Baeldor Republic. Corinth is moderately guarded by the large volume of Baeldor ships, while Centaur is virtually defenseless.

Aptly named Junction, for it's intersection of 5 different sectors (From top, clockwise, Palomar, The Arch, God's Playground, The Forge, The Twins).

Both asteroid fields are iron (average price: 150), a derelict ship is in the center of the southern asteroid field.